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I told you a story before when we first

I told you a story before when we first joined the church. Baba called a meeting and told the workers that the church is in need of money seriously within a week, so everyone go and close your account and bring the money to church. So we left. I closed my account and my wife closed her account. There wasn’t much money there so whatever was there we closed. The following Sunday at workers meeting Baba said “we thank God the need has been met. But how many of you closed the account as I’ve said.” I raised my hand, my wife raised her hand, and we looked round. I felt what’s happening, are we the fool? And God spoke to me, “Son you are not a fool, I allowed this to happen so that when I make you No. 1 nobody will be able to complain.” God is a rewarder of those who deligently seek Him. And then He said one thing: “I love those who love me. Those who diligently seek me will find me.” (from Proverbs 8:17) Love is a two way traffic/thing. I’ve showed you how much I love me, now you show Me how much you love Me and I’ll show you how much I can love you. Do you want to prosper in all you do? Why don’t you love Him the way He loves you. If you are God’s friend, you’ll prosper. ~ Pastor Adeboye


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Abiola Omodele is a Christian, an accountant, a proficient professional manager and leader. He is a business oriented individual and likes researching. What he gets may be a living BUT what I give is LIFE. His aim is to add value to people's lives.


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