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I use to think some people are specially

I use to think some people are specially gifted and multi-talented, I thought people like John C. Maxwell, Watchman Nee, Zig Zilar, Sam Adeyemi, Billy Graham, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Michael Hyatt, etc, are strategically fashioned and dynamically created, not until when I began to understand myself. I discovered that it’s not all about the school you went to, it’s not all about the ‘A’s u made or the ones you didn’t, it’s not about your background or your situation. I thought changing church/denomination may be better…all these things aren’t the answer. It’s about you; understanding the person God had predefined you to be. It’s about you; discovering God’s purpose for you and pursuing it. It’s about you; focussing on your creator and not the created. My mind hasn’t remained the same since then. It’s really changed the way I see things thus changed my life! ~Abiola O. Omodele


About proclaimerconcepts

Abiola Omodele is a Christian, an accountant, a proficient professional manager and leader. He is a business oriented individual and likes researching. What he gets may be a living BUT what I give is LIFE. His aim is to add value to people's lives.


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